Redbridge Resurfacing Scheme

Jas Athwal, the leader of Redbridge Council and John Howard, the Highways Cabinet Member Councillor visited one of Kenson’s sites in order to get an update on the £6.7 million Redbridge Resurfacing Scheme. This substantial investment in the infrastructure has been made possible by the hard work of both councillors and their highways team. The scheme will see in excess of 75 roads resurfaced from main strategic routes to residential roads.

Cllr Athwal said: “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been able to progress these vital works in a safe and efficient ways to improve roads across the borough. We know how much people detest potholes, and we’ve been using the latest technology and equipment to ensure these are all filled before we encounter the cold weather in winter. I recently visited Princes Road in Barkingside, and I was very impressed by the condition of the road as a result of these works. This will benefit both motorists and cyclists, creating a much safer environment.”

Cllr Howard said: “It’s great news these works are fully underway and have already delivered significant improvements to roads across the borough.
“We’ve made £6.7million available to improve the highways, which will greatly benefit residents and visitors to the borough. We’ve taken advantage over the summer of the fact that roads have been quieter due to COVID-19, and we’ve managed to make some considerable progress without it impacting on residents.

“We look forward to seeing the programme progress and delivering further improvements to our network of roads.”

This much needed investment will help ensure the longevity of The London Borough Of Redbridge’s road networks and further reduce future maintenance costs. This investment will also keep the community including local businesses moving, whether this be by car or public transport.

Keeping The Local Community Informed

Here at Kenson Civils and Highways we are always striving to be the best at what we do and part of this is to make sure our works are keeping disruption to a minimum for everyone in the area.

On many of our major ongoing projects we keep local businesses up to date with our improvements with bi weekly newsletters and letter drops for local residents. 

Kenson hire locally, meaning we will always try to have at least one crew member from the sites surrounding area. As part of our hire local we have an ongoing apprenticeship scheme. 

Kenson believe in promoting from within, some of our Apprentices now have leading roles within our company. 

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Redbridge Resurfacing Scheme

In early July Kenson started the Redbridge Resurfacing Scheme. Since then Kenson have resurfaced over 40,000 square meters on 11 roads.  

In preparation for the introduction of Cross Rail, Kenson and Redbridge Council have been working together to resurface the surrounding roads leading to two major cross rail stations, Seven Kings and Goodmayes. 

Within the coming month Kenson will have completed an additional 2 major routes; New North Road and Horns Road as well as surrounding residential roads. Beehive Lane North and South will follow in September.

Thank you NHS and all key workers!

Kenson Civils and Highways and Enfield Council would like to say a big thank you to the NHS and all key workers for their hard and brave work during this pandemic and they will continue to support in any way they can. 

Corona Virus Do’s and Don’t’s


• Wash your hands with soap and water often (do this for at least 20 seconds). 

• Always wash your hands when you get home or into work. 

• Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available. 

• Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands). 

• Put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards. 

• Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell. 


• Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

#ThankYouNHS #ThankYouKeyWorkers #StaySafe #WorkSafe

Ilford Town Centre Transformation (Phase 2) Visitor Centre

Yesterday the Ilford Town Centre Transformation (Phase 2) Visitor Centre opened. Presented by Jas Aphwal (Leader of  Redbridge Council), Sam Tarry (Labour MP, Ilford South), Jonathan Yabsley (Contract Director, Kenson), William Raw (Contract Director, Metis) and Cyril Bekoe (Ilford BID Manager)  the ITC Visitor centre is now open for members of the community for the duration of the Ilford Town Centre Phase 2 Transformation.

When starting the project Kenson found tramline tracks below the town centre. In the hope of preserving a small part of Ilford Towns Heritage, Kenson reconditioned these tracks and donated them to the history museum during the Visitor Centre opening presentation.

On the 1st of June Kenson started a multi-million pound project for major street improvements on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge to transform Ilford Town Centre. Along with this 12-18 month transformation, Kenson and Redbridge council want to reassure and keep the general public informed with project plans and updates throughout the process, as such Kenson has erected a visitor centre to answer general public concerns and questions about this project.

Where is the Visitor Centre located?

·      Oakfield Road, Iford, IG1 1EF

When can I visit the Visitor Centre?

·      Mon- Fri 10:00-14:00

·      Due to the risk of COVID-19 we ask you to make an appointment by getting in touch via email at

What can you find in the Visitor Centre?

·      Full 18 month plans for ITC Transformation

·      A helpful member of staff to answer any questions

·      Social distancing information

Kenson want to encourage everyone to come and visit the centre but Kenson are also doing their best to protect the NHS, their staff and the members of the public whilst this transformation takes place, with this Kenson want to ask everyone to keep their distance abiding to the government guidelines when visiting the Centre.

Ilford Town Centre Transformation, Phase 2

On Monday June 1st Kenson Civils & Highways started its multi-million pound project for major street improvements on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge. This project is designed to transform the Ilford High Road. Starting in June and through our 18 month programme, Kenson are excited to be working with the London Borough of Redbridge and the local community to bring Ilford town centre this beautiful regeneration.

These ambitious plans will create new, high-quality, accessible public spaces and alongside the arrival of the Crossrail works, the major street improvements will help to revitalise Ilford Town Centre.

The proposed improvements will take place at Ilford High Road (from the crossroads with Cranbrook Road through to the area outside Ilford Police Station). This will include the following connecting side streets: Clements Lane, Oakfield Road and Chadwick Road.

Kenson Civils & Highways are doing their best to protect the NHS, our staff and the members of the public whilst this transformation takes place.

COVID-19 Test Centre Enfield

Through these challenging times Kenson Civils and Highways have made every effort in supporting and keeping the UK safe. As an essential worker for Enfield Local Council, Kenson were tasked with creating and implementing traffic management for the past two weekends for Enfield mobile COVID-19 Test Centre.

This weekend the test centre had a great turnout and successfully tested 275 essential workers for COVID-19.

Again, Kenson Highways would like to say thank you to all key workers for their hard and brave work during this pandemic and they will continue to support in any way they can.

Enfield Public Spaces

In April Kenson Civils and Highways were tasked by Enfield Council to tape off all public spaces in order to abide by the social distancing guidelines set by the government.

With the evolving government guideline changes, Kenson Highways are always quick to respond. Kenson has untaped over 1000 of these spaces now, allowing people to enjoy these public areas once more within social distancing guidelines.

Recycling Centre

In preparation for the opening of Redbridge council recycling centre, Kenson Highways was tasked with providing traffic management. Kenson Highways endevours to give the best support and service to their councils therefore started this request by having site specific bespoke signage made to make sure the opening was a success.

On the 11th of May Redbridge council recycling centre opened successfully with effective traffic management throughout the day.

Kenson Highways strives to do their part everyday to keep everyone safe.

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